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Stanley A Meyer Water Fuel Injector
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TO GET THE  NON THERMAL EXPLSOIVE EFFECT  2x TNT 2 x HHO, YOU MUST MAKE SURE NOT TO GROUND YOUR WATER OR NANO BUBBLES in the Nano Bubble Water  OF H2 O2. MAny have tried putting steam water through inject the only water that works is positive charge groudn injector and nano bubble water fuel
Stan;ey A Meyer Water Spark Plug
Stanley A Meyer Spark Plug Injector
Stanley A Meyer Water Fuel Injector
Stanley A Meyer Injector

 can I just ask you something?


A spark plug has about 4000 ohms impedance but I don't think your VIC has no where near that, i've been using capacitive reactance calculators and such trying to work out how you tuned the VIC to the spark plug.


How did you match the capacitive and inductive reactance of the VIC to the spark plug and did you also have to narrow the spark gap?

Did you use any resistive or capacitive elements in the impedance matching network or was it more to do with frequency?


OK so when we move onto an open ended transmission line i.e a tube set either in parallel or series and the resistive element is no longer present (plasma ark of spark plug) would it be fair to assume in order to get an impedance match anywhere near to the VIC we would at least need to add a parallel element of resistance at the far point? See picture.

The reason why i've asked this is because using capacitance/reactance calculators there is absolutely no way you can tune the tubes capacitive and inductive reactance to the VIC unless you had tubes that were 15 feet long unless you had a dielectric gap in the tubes that was .00050 of a mm.

Stanley A Meyer INjector Open Circuit

Unless of course the two chokes themselves match the inductive and capacitive reactance of the cell in which case you would need multiple tap points along one of the chokes.

 here we see three systems, the first one is co-linear, on that transmission line each driven element counts as resistance in the line and the capacitor between acts as a go between and balances the reactance.


The shunt fed antenna uses a dc ground where capacitance is negligible and doesn't affect the inductance so we can tap the 50 ohm point from the tuning coil.


The last one is Stan's, are we saying that because of a massively low dielectric constant that we can tap the 192 Ohm point of the secondary from one of the chokes because of negligible capacitance?

Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug
Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug

It is expected that Stan Dissolved gases into the water  ( like how a fish get o2 out) see japan techno 

it is expected Stan Vacuumed through injector 

it is expected the tank  was pressurized and vented gas and cooled water returning from injectors.

These Drawing and Parts are Available now!AqxyHUVb2_mliZopYEyrH3gjHR_1cw

God Speed

Daniel Donatelli 
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Stan Meyer Injector Update. Machinable Glass Ceramic is here and going out to the man who will Finish machining The Injector. You can find this part here:

Stanley A Meyer Injector
Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug
Stanley A Meyer Water Spark PLug INjecto
Stanley A Meyer Water Spark PLug INjecto
Stanley A Meyer Water Spark PLug INjecto
Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley A Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley A Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug
Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley Meyer injector  inner part elect
Stanley A Meyer Water Spark PLug INjecto
Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug
Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug
Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug
Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug

Different Sized Jets can be used to turn nano bubble water to a mist vapor for ignition, 

Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
Stanley Meyer Water Fueled Spark Plug In
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In terms of thermal explosive energy-yield (gtnt) under dynamic pressure of compression approximately 7.4 (µl) microliter of a liquid-volume of a water droplet per injection cycle is all that is required to run the Dune Buggy 1600cc 50hp VW I.C. engine at 65 m.p.h. on the open road; whereas, a typical 325 hp diesel I.C. truck-engine would require about 48.1 (µl) microliters of a water droplet per injection cycle to accomplish the same open road performance. (see WFC Water vs Gasoline Energy Content Equations (memo WFC 429). " 

Pay Special Attention it is all about the positive ground 

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Postive Spark Ignitions Water Fuel Spark

All information is hereby released into the public domain for public use.


"Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe. . .it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature." - Nikola Tesla


What follows is what I did. I don’t recommend that you do it. It’s dangerous. So don’t do it. But if you do and you (or anybody in your vicinity) gets zapped, it’s your own fault.


Read Everything, then read some more - - - - The inverter is physically and electrically isolated from vehicle ground. Because of this, the only path for 120 VDC is through the dipole created across the spark plug gap.


OK, the Nexus hot wire is connected directly to the engine block, but it’s relative. Just don’t use your inverter for making coffee. 120 VAC from the inverter is directed through a MOT (microwave oven transformer) primary to a half wave rectifier.


The MOT secondary is not used. A MOT secondary has one side tied to the transformer core, so I placed a wire nut on the secondary HV output and gave it a few coats of tool dip – just to make sure. Without the MOT in series with the input, the plasma arc shoots out two or three inches and welds the anode and cathode of the plug together in short order. So if you decide to disregard my advice and play with this, be careful.


The MOT can easily be configured into a saturable reactor, which should allow for variable control of the current. The diodes are all 1N5408 rated at 800V and 3 amps each. They are available through Newark: for a very reasonable cost – like 150 diodes for around twenty bucks. Newark provides quick shipping and excellent customer service.


The capacitor is 12.5 uF, 250 volt and was taken from the same microwave as the MOT. I don’t think the capacitor values are critical. It’s just in there to keep DC from going away for half an input cycle. The negative side of the rectified 120 V is directed through a string of diodes sufficient enough to block the ground path (remember, nearly anything looks like ground to HV) through the circuit that the HV from the engine coil will see. The lazy HV will take the easiest path, you know.


This will vary with the application. Too few diodes and we don’t get a spark across the plug. I have two strings of 60 diodes in parallel to provide 48KV of blocking at 6 amps current. I don’t need two strings because the max current I’ve seen through the Nexus circuit is quite a bit less than an amp even with a two inch arc shooting out the plug.


I’m running four plugs in the VW camper van, and all those anodes are connected to the same dipole feed wire from the Nexus supply, which results in spark plug cross fire. To eliminate crossfire, I installed 7 diodes in series with each individual dipole feed wire. The dipole created across the plug gap creates a nexus to the void – but you knew that, right?


That’s where the energy comes from, and that’s why the current drain on the Nexus supply is so low. I can explain all this (from my perspective, of course) if you’re interested, but before you ask, you should resolve the question: What has less resistance than a short? If you understand the dipole an


d the nexus contained therein, you’re on your way to even more interesting things

Tesla Stanley A Meyer injector spark coi

The Sections to Look at now are


Positive Earth is a must do and controlling the way the injector stay energized and than sparks is very important ,

as we do not want to ground back electrons on negative earthed surfaces to our water fuel or gas fuel.

we want to keep them +to + and  unstable missing electrons.= GTNT

Stanley A Meyer Injector Water Spark plug

Stanley A Meyer Injectors Firing Spark Circuit Figure 4-30 shows the pulse to solenoids

I asked Don Gabel about those years ago. Stan has a picture in the TB where those are labeled VIC's.
Don said no they are just connection points that were not used and had caps over them if I remember correctly. They may have been connection points for the VIC but no one seems to know for sure.

If your talking about the solenoid coils there is a drawing/schematic that shows they are 25 ohms, not sure of the wire size though.

Stanley A Meyer Injectors Firing spark C
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